airrickthinks… about patch 4.3

It’s a most here and I’m at work, but as soon as I get home It’s transmogrification time! And as soon as I looking right as rain its straight into the new 5 mans so I can make my mage all beastly and dance in a shower of deathwing blood. That may have come across a little more violent than I had intended… I’ll let you know what I think as soon as I can catch a few extra minutes this week to write my thoughts down.




airrickthinks 1.0

I’ve done a few airrickthinks on my tumblr and other blogs, but I really want to keep this fresh and consistant! so with that in mind… clean state!  so here goes, some quick updates about my life!

1.1. still in kamloops… yepp. It’s approaching on a year and it’s been one of my craziest. Unemployment, employment, floods, mold, poetry, the band broke up and I fell in love with cycling. it actually feels nice to write that down. I haven’t really took time to appreciate the awesomeness of the journey and the steps I’ve had to take to get here.

1.2. winter is coming… and I’m watching game of thrones. Maybe I need  to get out more, but I’ve been consuming more media than I have ever before. Movies, WoW, TV and comics I been enjoying taking some time to get into my interests. Now if I could only stop falling in love with gifs on tumblr

1.3 just dance… the winter crazies are a real thing and the only thing that I expect to get me through the reality that Kamloops is going to get colder than Ice Crown is a healthy does of songs like St. Vincent’s Marrow

Good Luck & Have Fun

(and keep warm by the firelands)

goodnight gameboy

I can’t believe the 3DS is already out. Welcome to the future Marty Mcfly. Last night when I opened my DS for some bedtime gaming I was shocked when I noticed how many awesome unfinished games I had in front of me that are now part of “older generation”. The DS, for me, is still going strong; Okamiden, Super Scribblenauts and Pokemon B&W are just a few of the cartridges that still drool awesome and beg me to see what four am looks like and experiment with tanning my face via dual LCD screens.

airrick d.

Never Forget.


airrickthinks about tv

Up until the last year or two I’ve pretty much always been the first person to bring up how much I hate TV. I always assumed that every show was either a variation of Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Survivor, or Two and a Half Men. At my darkest moments I generally assumed the only show on TV was “Jersey Mom’s of Half Men Lost Somewhere”. Basically, I never took it seriously, but in the last few years I’ve been introduced to shows like Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, Buffy, Misfits, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Modern Family and my opinion has defiantly changed. These shows have focus on story-telling, character developement, honest I’ve-So-Been-There humor, and themes that I didn’t expect to see on television (although I have to admit none them have brought out the range of emotions as the idea that Jersey Shore is categorized as reality TV did). So I guess I’ve found myself surprised watching these shows every week and enjoying getting to know the characters and sharing in the excitement and culture that surrounds them. So, here’s to Game of Thrones marathons, Horrible fan fiction, and every word about TV I have to eat for snacks as I enjoy them all.