airrickthinks 1.0

I’ve done a few airrickthinks on my tumblr and other blogs, but I really want to keep this fresh and consistant! so with that in mind… clean state!  so here goes, some quick updates about my life!

1.1. still in kamloops… yepp. It’s approaching on a year and it’s been one of my craziest. Unemployment, employment, floods, mold, poetry, the band broke up and I fell in love with cycling. it actually feels nice to write that down. I haven’t really took time to appreciate the awesomeness of the journey and the steps I’ve had to take to get here.

1.2. winter is coming… and I’m watching game of thrones. Maybe I need  to get out more, but I’ve been consuming more media than I have ever before. Movies, WoW, TV and comics I been enjoying taking some time to get into my interests. Now if I could only stop falling in love with gifs on tumblr

1.3 just dance… the winter crazies are a real thing and the only thing that I expect to get me through the reality that Kamloops is going to get colder than Ice Crown is a healthy does of songs like St. Vincent’s Marrow

Good Luck & Have Fun

(and keep warm by the firelands)

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