airrickthinks: about family

I feel like there is at least two different kinds of family. I guess there could be a lot more than that, but for me there has really only been two. Sometimes one becomes the other and other becomes the first, but ultimately there they were always two different groups. First there’s the obvious, the family you don’t choose. Your Mother, your Father, your siblings etc. They are alway supposed to be there even though they aren’t for some people. You yell, scream and disagree at times, but you want them to succeed and chances are you know them, for better or worse, better than they may even know themselves. And then there’s the family you choose, your friends. They become your family momentarily or forever. Sometimes you date the shit out of them, sometimes your best friend dates the awkward sibling that you were sercertly into (this hasn’t happened in my chosen family yet). This chosen family is where you get a lot of strength from. It changes, comes and goes, or develops online in a guild and it’s awesome

I like it.

Anyways I’m blessed that I have an great versions of both. My mom is battling breast cancer, and this weekend we finally got some good news (my mom had lost a breast and some lymph nodes at that point) the second set of lymph nodes the doctors took were clear of cancer. I’ve never seen someone almost collapse because of relief and happiness, but I did when my mom heard the news on the phone. She used my dad to keep herself up and then proceeded to cheer around the room and dance. I loved it. She deserves all the health and good fortune in the world.

My mom kind of kicks ass.

Then I have a great extended family at The Art We Are. A local gallery and cafe in kamloops. The cafe is open till 11:00pm so really if I go down anytime after about 5:00 I’ll see someone I know.

We play a lot of boardgames. Catan gets intense, friendship are betrayed and people become monsters… but that’s a different post.
I should get to this weekend. We played everyone’s favourite game of martial arts tag, Ninja (see my previous vancouver post) late Saturday night, a game that has turned into a bit a national sport at The Art We Are, with challenges not taken lightly and matches that are taken a little too seriously. It started pretty uneventful with only a few silent grunts and disputes about hits. Until (my amazing friend) Kaycie destroyed my face with her hand. What happened was my hand was near my face when she swiped at it with viper like intensity it might my face instead of my hand. (Side note: While I was writing this I told one member of my Art We Are family that I dislike bright eyes… she immediately looked at me and said… Their lyrics are on my binder… Fuck). When the fountains of blood stopped she offered to buy me Pachos, so I was over my disfigurement pretty quick.

Sunday was another day with the same family… we spent the day taking family portraits for one of members whose leaving soon and going back to Australia in a week. That’s what I love about this family they do a lot to show each other they care. I don’t know if people do that enough. Anyways. I don’t know if Christina will see this, but if you go into The Art We Are in the next week make sure you  hug her or something, she tears up easy and happy sad tears are okay sometimes.

I am also happy sad about leaving kamloops. I love all my families.

– Airrick


airrickthinks 3.0: MeTAL!

Another weekend like most. or not. This weekend was filled with metal shows, cycling, epic burgers and friends that weren’t into Ninja…

… and the saying “it’s for my blog” became a thing.



I met with my old college friend Glen. Apart from catching up and some sweaty Four Loko infused MarioKart championships the night was fairly slow paced, but it was really what I needed. I feel like games like Mariokart aren’t really about the races at all, for me it’s an excuse to get excited and talk about whatever. It fills the silences that naturally appear in conversation really well. Or the silences that don’t exist if your drinking Four Loko.

It felt nice to be around someone who really wanted to talk about video-games. There was really no pressure other than holding 1st place I guess.


Saturday was beautiful here. I pretty much cleaned up all morning. I have taken to calling chores “Blood Quests” which has proven to make the whole experience way more tolerable.


[TXT]: want to hang out?
[Me]: Nah man can’t this morning, I’m on a blood quest for clean clothes
[TXT]: … what?

After that I walked on a beach with a girl. That was nice. Girls are pretty neat. We didn’t get to hang out long though, I was supposed to check out a metal show at 4:00 in Vernon. Which I did.

The trip the to show was uneventful, although dinner at Red Robins before was a crit to my tastebuds. I’m now plagued by the face that I don’t remember the name of the chicken burger I had (it had pineapple on it?).


Then it turned into this.


And I felt full. But I ate the whole thing. With my face. And there was drool.

The conversation was definitely the best part of the meal though with a few quotes coming out of the night. Along the lines of “I think a napkin is a mustache’s best friend” “I think that an upper lip would be a Mustache’s best friend…” & “I’d make-out with you if there was little bits of ice cream and cookies in your mustache… It wouldn’t be sexual or anything, I just really like Ice Cream & Cookies…”. Which when said in ear shot of a sexy waitress you didn’t know was there, is a few lightyears past embarrassing…

If you don’t think that is as funny as I did. Blame the coffee. We drank a lot of coffee.

After a quick drive we got to the show and attempted to look cool outside the venue. I tried to make us more cool, but teaching everyone Ninja [See airrickthinks: 01], but I guess at a metal venue where everyone has more skulls on their apparel than Ice Crown. It’s not as cool as I think it is. I did manage to get one friend to play a few quick rounds though. Thanks Dave [it’s for my blog].

Then Blue Steel Happened…

blue steel

The doors opened around 8:00 and we went in, said Hi to our friends before they went to warm and watched the first few acts: An odd beatboxing  folk trio (Don’t Shoot The Messenger) and We Are Kings (I think?). Which had their own appeal, but I was really there for And Goliath. Before they went on I got to see my friend Matt from Set4LYfe Apparel (which you should check out @ whose’s now back in Kelowna and doing well. All around awesome guy.

Anyways, here’s a few pictures from And Goliath’s Set:


They played well. Aside from a few underaged kids make-outing beside their chaperone, the whole night was very successful. Good friends, good food, good conversation and good music. It was all I could have really asked for a Saturday night.


Lazy Sunday… Was Lazy. Kind of. I went for a bike ride out to westside. Max said he was going to come, but he has six week old kitten to take care of now. I guess getting a being of infinite cuteness is a acceptable excuse to bail. So I decided to make this a hip-hop journey comprising of Das Racist, Die Antwoord, Shad and Big Boi. Which made for oddly relaxing ride. I guess I enjoy pedaling to beats. Who knew.


Kamloops is still partly frozen. Which sucks because summer is great, but doesn’t because walking across Ice is awesome and makes me feel like a ice barbarian, which I can’t define how it would be different than a normal barbarian, but imagine the difference is actually pretty substantial. I guess.

Anyways, hope you had a great weekend as well.

airrickthinks 2.0: cycling

Cycling may be the greatest activity I’ve ever engaged in, there something really freeing in pedaling as fast as you can listening to a great artist while trying to outrun the birds you scare as you vigorously pedal by. It’s as if nothing in the world can touch you. I love it. But by this point I assume you get that.


This Sunday I went for a ride by myself to my favourite beach. I’m really divided about what’s better riding alone or with someone. I love taking pictures of my friends smiling and really remembering how fun it was just to ride a bike for a while as a kid. After a ride it’s not uncommon to hear. I haven’t done that since I was little. I really miss it. I always end up somewhere neat at the end of a ride, and I guess it is nice to share that with someone, but It definitely sacrifices the feeling of freedom for a feeling of togetherness. Which I guess is just as important anyway. Riding alone is different experience, you’re totally in control of your own journey. You want coffee? awesome. Pancakes? even better. To stop and watch a baseball game? More power to you. It’s really an adventure without a goal. An adventure you’re completely in control of. Some people think on the toilet, I guess I think on my bicycle.

As I was saying, This Sunday I went for a ride alone. I always bring my camera with me either way. I’m into capturing momenta as they happens. While your riding a bike you only see things for a split second, then it’s on to the next so it’s nice to capture it for later. I also find myself inspired after a bike ride, so it can lead to some more creative shots.

This week it was off to the Airport Beach with a few unplanned stops at a thrift store and 7/11 for some coffee to sip on while I walk wonder aimlessly the beach. I won’t go into detail about the ride, but here’s some lights

1. New Thermos
2. Ripped Pants (Crotch)
3. Sand Doddles
4. Chill Vibes

I guess there’s one more thing.

Walking around a beach by yourself can give you a really neat feeling of loneliness. Like you’re alone, but your excited by the lack people and you start to let go a bit. Or atleast I did. I felt I want to leave a part of that feeling in the sand. So I drew a robot. Then I went home.

And played Warcraft. Sometimes great experiences only change you for a minute or two I guess.