airrickthinks 2.0: cycling

Cycling may be the greatest activity I’ve ever engaged in, there something really freeing in pedaling as fast as you can listening to a great artist while trying to outrun the birds you scare as you vigorously pedal by. It’s as if nothing in the world can touch you. I love it. But by this point I assume you get that.


This Sunday I went for a ride by myself to my favourite beach. I’m really divided about what’s better riding alone or with someone. I love taking pictures of my friends smiling and really remembering how fun it was just to ride a bike for a while as a kid. After a ride it’s not uncommon to hear. I haven’t done that since I was little. I really miss it. I always end up somewhere neat at the end of a ride, and I guess it is nice to share that with someone, but It definitely sacrifices the feeling of freedom for a feeling of togetherness. Which I guess is just as important anyway. Riding alone is different experience, you’re totally in control of your own journey. You want coffee? awesome. Pancakes? even better. To stop and watch a baseball game? More power to you. It’s really an adventure without a goal. An adventure you’re completely in control of. Some people think on the toilet, I guess I think on my bicycle.

As I was saying, This Sunday I went for a ride alone. I always bring my camera with me either way. I’m into capturing momenta as they happens. While your riding a bike you only see things for a split second, then it’s on to the next so it’s nice to capture it for later. I also find myself inspired after a bike ride, so it can lead to some more creative shots.

This week it was off to the Airport Beach with a few unplanned stops at a thrift store and 7/11 for some coffee to sip on while I walk wonder aimlessly the beach. I won’t go into detail about the ride, but here’s some lights

1. New Thermos
2. Ripped Pants (Crotch)
3. Sand Doddles
4. Chill Vibes

I guess there’s one more thing.

Walking around a beach by yourself can give you a really neat feeling of loneliness. Like you’re alone, but your excited by the lack people and you start to let go a bit. Or atleast I did. I felt I want to leave a part of that feeling in the sand. So I drew a robot. Then I went home.

And played Warcraft. Sometimes great experiences only change you for a minute or two I guess.


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