airrickthinks 5.0: Vancouver 2.0

So I moved to Vancouver. And that was awesome, just kind of being here in general has been really great, but at first was a little expensive I’ve never lived in a city with all of my favorite stores before… Which combined with staying at a friend’s place who lives a block away from all of them. It was really easy to buy all of things. Green Lantern Statues, Record frames and more such things started to pile up. Luckily I have saved up a good amount and it wasn’t a big issue.


(The ones I recently bought are Sinestro [far left] and Hal Jordan Green Lantern [far right])

I also was introduced to Ikea…. Which felt like a maze and I honestly expected to find a minotaur around a few of the corners… but i found some awesome new furniture for my bedroom. Such as the bookcase in the picture above. Also a awesome bedside table.



Oh yeah, that is my new place. It’s right in east van where I want to be living and is really nice. Hardwood floors and the works. I’m living with my friend Riley and it’s been awesome.

And I got a job. I will go into detail a bit more in a another post, but I’m now a cook for cafe bica, near Granville Island.



It’s really great I’ve learned a lot more about cooking and food and I am getting paid decently for it. Not only does it cover my expenses, but it gives me a little extra to explore the city. Which is exactly what I wanted when I decided to move here. I’m sure there are much more adventure to come soon, but for now I’m just getting into the swing of being up early and getting used to vancouver. 

I intend to be out & about with my camera this weekend so expect more pictures soon. For now I’m just using some from my instagram. Feel free to follow me for more pictures as I take them. my username is airrickd








much love to everyone.


– Airrick




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