Vancouver Trip 1.0

If you don’t know what the Coquihalla is like in January, picture Luke on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, pretty much after they shut the blast doors everyone’s left for dead. Well, that’s not completely true, our van is tougher than any tauntaun. So, It was extremely snowy and driving over it is less than comforting, but it was a necessary evil for a great weekend and as my van slid towards walls of ice and snow at times all I could think was “never tell me the odds”.

It didn’t happen exactly like that. But it kind of did.

Although it very much could have but the van remained stable and we took it slow. First I dropped my roommate with her friends and met with Riley, Colin, Brian and Nick. After catching up a little we dove into the world’s greatest martial arts turn-based game of tag, Ninja. For those that haven’t played it, you’re missing out, the rules are simple…

  1. The players get in a circle and you pick a Dojo
  2. The Dojo counts down from three
  3. Everyone strikes a ninja pose (Palms open)
  4. The Dojo tries and strike another players hand with one fluid movement freezing in place after the attack
    1. When someone attacks you, you can attempt to dodge their attack but you must also freeze after dodging
    2. If someone attacks you and hits their hand against yours, your out
    3. The person to the Dojo’s left now gets a turn to attack anyone, and so on
    4. The last person standing wins.

This game will get you friends, or stared at, or both. And chances are you will break something, like a pot or a picture frame, or a bone in your face, which are just really just the trails becoming a ninja master, right?

[edit: Here’s Philip DeFranco’s Explanation]


After we were a little past giggly and rightly sore we swaggered down to The Perch, a local hotspot on the east side, where everyone was pretty trendy and seemed a little intimidating. Unfortunately, we were turned away due to it being over capacity, which was a shame. So it was off to Gas Town, once there we were unable to decide on one place, and ended up a really seedy Mexican themed club where our success on almost all fronts was unsuccessful. Expect playing ninja inside the club. That happened a lot, and was full of wonderful.

The rest of the night was filled with pizza, giggles and discussions of superpowers; the highlight of the evening was waiting for the bus. And it had everything to do with Ninja. We started with Nick, Riley, Brian and myself with Colin filming. Soon after the first Karate chop we had a few of the other people at the bus stop playing with us. Although they cheated it was nice to be outside at three AM, playing a game with strangers, laughing and meeting new people. Which is really the magic of the city to me, I like when people who are strangers become less strange.

The rest of the night really only made one thing obvious, a double bed is not made for three. Cuddle’d.

Saturday morning was rather slow in the kind right way, outside there was rain and inside there were friends, grilled cheese and videogames. It was the perfect storm of laziness. After everyone fell out of bed, we spent the rest of the day by the ocean and downtown, again, considering superpowers. Which is a much longer conversation then you may think. All in all Saturday taught me I love my friends.

Saturday afternoon I was off See Jordan Milner (Who I played with in a band a few years ago, link attached). I must say I really can’t tell you where Jordan lives, but I can tell you it’s hilarious, safe and really comfortable. It was amazing to talk to someone who you haven’t seen in years and be able to connect with them like you just saw each other yesterday. After an evening of wine, great food and a friend of a friends a birthday party, I learned a few things. Jordan is great, and so are most of his friends (although, a few are far more in to into the ideas of art rather than creating it). I will always love honest conversation, but sometimes when it stays too conceptual for too long it becomes ermmm… tedious… lets say to be polite. Anyways. It does become hard to tell someone that though when they make the best tasting salsa I’ve ever had ever.

Oh Well.

After sleeping in the place-that-must-not-be-named, I said good-bye Jordan and met up again with Colin at Erin’s for breakfast (we had French toast, amazing) . I love her home. The living room was filled with wonderfully nerdy people playing a tabletop role-playing game surround by steam-punk decorations and displays. The whole place seemed to beautifully mix geek, hipster and art culture in a natural and harmonic way. After I finished admiring it we spent the rest of the day on commercial drive just walking, checking out bikes shops, bookstores and cafes. It was amazing how the whole neighborhood was so alive with people and music on a Sunday afternoon.

I want to be there so bad.

Anyways the trip back had an amazing playlist, and I’m exhausted, so I will talk to you next week.


Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Destroyer – Kaputt

Beruit – The Rip Tide

Baths – cerulean

Freelance Whales – Generator First Floor